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Annoying Things
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1. Women who use a public restroom by "hovering" over the toilet seat, then do not clean the seat off afterward. And ESPECIALLY the women who stand on the toilet seat to urinate; don't wash the seat off afterward. Footprints....

2. People who invade my personal space to read what I'm texting to my friend. These are usually strangers, in public places, where we just happen to sit/stand next to each other. None of your damn business!

3. Drivers who take up two parking spaces, straddling the lines which define the spaces, for one of two reasons: they don't know how to drive (get the heck off the road) or they don't want someone dinging their precious car (go park at the far side of the lot).

4. There are those who block doorways and walking areas in group situations. There's something about a doorway that seems to invite people to stop and chat, thus preventing egress (or ingress). Others get a cup of coffee or pick up a snack at the table, then stop to talk right there, preventing anyone else from getting coffee or snack. And the 'look' you get if you interrupt the conversation to ask them to please move!

5. Cell phones ringing in inappropriate situations--or, heaven forbid, answering the call, while you stand there, tapping your toe, or shivering under a hospital gown. Put the darn thing on vibrate mode; return the call later.

6. I saved the worst for last. There are those who deliberately tell part of the truth, part of a story, but not all the relevant bits, leading the listener to draw the wrong conclusion. The corollary to this is when the wrong conclusion goes uncorrected by the person who knows better, and the lie is compounded. For that's what it is: a lie. A half-truth. A misapprehension not righted.

OK, off my bandwagon for now. Do you have anything to add to my list?

Read/Post Comments (7)

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