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This and That
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...or is it "That and This"? Only my hairdresser knows for sure.

See what happens when I write a journal entry before 6 a.m.? I babble. I babble, therefore I am...awake...sort of.

Summer is most definitely, without a doubt, here. The indicator criterion is that it doesn't cool off at night very much. After getting hotter and hotter during the day (in the 90's this week), the nighttime hours find us continuing to seethe, simmer, or bake, depending on the level of humidity.

The tomatoes have set whatever fruit they're going to have. In this weather, given the heat of midday, the blossoms will drop rather than set. I checked them this morning; we'll have a decent crop this year.

On the agenda for today: we'll go over to the church and wait for the Supreme Court's decisions on DOMA and Prop 9. After yesterday's dagger in the heart of the Voting Rights Act, I'm pretty pessimistic. We risked our lives in the 60's, registering voters in Mississippi and Alabama (I was scared but determined to do what was right), and the Supreme Court just gave us the single finger salute.

Yes, we live in a different world now. The forces of discrimination are much smarter now, more sophisticated, more subtle. Oppressors wear three piece suits and judicial robes instead of pork pie hats and overalls.

People aren't being gunned down when they try to vote; they just have to stand in line for 8 hours until they give up. Major progress, so let's declare discrimination ended, and gut the provisions protecting our most basic right, the right to vote, and elect the cowardly bigoted SOBs back into office.

We can hope that the arc of the moral universe is long, but that it bends toward justice. Not in my lifetime, but some day. We shall overcome. Some day.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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