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It's Hard to Think About Anything Else...
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...when the temperature hits 100 degrees and above. My totem is the polar bear, and we polar bears do not do well in the heat. When Trader Joe's opens at 8, I'll make a grocery run, and then hunker down for the rest of the day indoors, doing indoor stuff. Good thing I took my walk before dawn (when it was already warm, but not hot). It's time to pay bills, and this will be a good day for it.

I've never seen the weather service issue a severe weather warning for excessive heat in this part of California--usually it's the desert to the east and south of us or the Central Valley lying in the scorching summer rays in August and September. But this week, this weekend, we are in the same situation.

I wasn't home yesterday afternoon, and I didn't think to leave the a/c running to keep it down to 85 degrees or so. When I sat down at my poor computer after dinner and worked on it for 30 minutes or so, it became actually hot to the touch. I was worried that something would burn out.

Just a few minutes ago a baby hummingbird showed up at the feeder. He seemed uncertain about what to do, and kept missing the center of the "flower", flying off and coming back to try again. Eventually he was successful and sipped mightily at the sweet goodness on offer. I wonder if it was his first solo....

Speaking of drinking, I hear the siren burble of the coffeemaker, so it's time to get my first cup of the day. Hope your day is beautiful and bright!

Read/Post Comments (4)

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