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OK, that's it. Officially, I'm toast. Toasty. Toasted. Tostado'd. Whatever. It's 104 frickin' degrees. The A/C is struggling mightily; it's tripped the circuit breaker twice. Can't have any other heavy user of electricity operational, because when the compressor kicks in, there's a huge draw, and the circuit breaker is triggered.

It would be expensive to have a separate circuit installed just for the A/C, but I'm considering it. When the weather is cooler and we're not at risk of overheating and dehydration while the work is being done.

My poor tomatoes are wilting in the heat. I went out there and watered them as soon as they were in the shade (I was afraid they'd cook if I watered them in full sun). At the same time, I hosed myself down, too. So now I'm sitting under a fan, tee shirt and shorts and hair soaking wet--and actually a bit chilly! Go figure.

And tomorrow, dear friends and gentle hearts, the temperature is supposed to top out at 110! While Batty freezes in a New Zealand winter. One degree centigrade (see her comment in previous post) sounds heavenly to me, but then we polar bears are a little odd that way.

I wanted to write an entry about the "slippery slope fallacy" but my brain has turned to mush. Another day, perhaps. Remind me if I forget.

What to make for dinner that won't heat up the house? Hmmmm....

Read/Post Comments (7)

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