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Freeway Driving
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I have just returned from a trip to the VA to visit my husband. Traffic was light, moving close to top freeway speeds. I love driving when the conditions are good and weather is perfect.

But honest to goodness, there are an awful lot of people out on the freeway today who clearly do not drive it regularly. They were doing things like stopping at the end of the onramp; stopping in the no man's land of the V formed where the transition road starts to another freeway; braking hard for no apparent reason, nerves I guess.

I wonder if the behind-the-wheel test that's required to get your license includes any freeway driving. When I took it, all I had to do was drive around a couple of blocks, parallel park, and then return to the DMV. However, I was already an experienced driver, and the examiner said more driving was not necessary. Perhaps other drivers are more carefully screened.

The test for truck driver certification was much more rigorous. In addition to having to demonstrate how to hitch/unhitch the trailer, I had to drive freeways, drive backwards through a parking lot, drive narrow downtown streets, back around corners, set out cones/flares, and so forth. And we're not even mentioning the pre-trip inspection (brakes, engine, etc.)

The test for school bus driver was much the same, though the pre-trip inspection was more thorough. And since the bus is not articulated, harder to maneuver around corners, especially in reverse.

You can kind of understand why professional drivers feel a bit superior towards drivers who drive cars to and from the grocery store and the playground, and once or twice a year get on a freeway -- and therefore have a low skill level for freeway driving, an accident waiting to happen.

Me? Oh, I'm practically perfect in every way. But you knew that.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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