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Crows and Nuts
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I re-sampled the nuts I mentioned yesterday. I must have gotten a bad single nut, because the rest tasted fine except that they were a bit stale. Since they were sitting out in barrels at room temperature in the store, that is not surprising. I'll feed them to the squirrels.

What was surprising, however, was the information about what crows do eat:

The natural diet of many corvid species is omnivorous, consisting of invertebrates, nestlings, small mammals, berries, fruits, seeds, and carrion. However, some corvids, especially the crows, have adapted well to human conditions and have come to rely on anthropogenic foods. In a US study of American Crows, Common Ravens and Steller's Jays around campgrounds and human settlements, the crows appeared to have the most diverse diet of all, taking anthropogenic foods such as bread, spaghetti, fried potatoes, dog food, sandwiches, and livestock feed. The increase in available anthropogenic food sources is contributing to population increase in some corvid species.

Some corvids are predators of other birds. During the wintering months, corvids typically form foraging flocks. However, some crows also eat many agricultural pests including cutworms, wireworms, grasshoppers, and harmful weeds Some corvids will eat carrion, and since they lack a specialized beak for tearing into flesh, they must wait until animals are opened, whether by other predators or as roadkill.
Since I live across the street from a school, I guess I shouldn't have been all that surprised. The children drop all sorts of stuff at lunchtime and after the little darlings troop back in for classes, the crows swoop in and feast.

Occasionally, when the winds are right, there are seagulls who avail themselves of the free food and the crows go elsewhere, temporarily. Too smart to challenge the aggressors, I guess. Gulls are very aggressive, nearly fearless, and ultra persistent. Not to mention loud. I grew up on the Connecticut shore and had years of experience with them.

I'm back to doing my long walk; finally have the strength for it. I'm hoping that the stress test at the end of this month will show an improvement in heart health. Certainly the rest of me feels better.

I love the early morning. It's my time of day.

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