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This and That and Then Some More
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--As I had hoped, the connection restored itself. My roommate's never went down, because she never shuts her computer down, just puts it on hibernate. Don't know if that's such a good idea?

Worse had come to worst, I would have called ATT and set up wireless internet connection. Since my current use of PC as LAN to Internet server has worked so well, I've never bothered. But the lifetime of an old PC isn't infinite, and one of these days something will give out. Then I'll be forced to switch.

--Had a surreal phone conversation this morning with my husband. He wanted to know how to send an email. Did he have to start out with http:// etc?

It took me a few minutes of wandering with him in the electronic desert before I figured out that he had no idea what an email service was and that he had to use his own email service (yahoo or hotmail or whatever) and his message would find my gmail account. He was at the Google homepage and wanted to know how to send me an email. Did he have to search for my email address, he wanted to know. Oh, dear, where to start....

Sigh. Years ago, when we all used DOS (with much gnashing of teeth), he was an expert. He got me started with my programming classes and computer repair and in some ways was responsible for my subsequent career success. He taught me how to think like a flow chart, how to talk to programmers and translate computerspeak into English.

Now, he can barely turn on the power switch. Makes me very sad. He still thinks of himself as an expert, and I know he had to swallow his pride to call me and ask for help. I tried my best (you know how hard it is to do customer support by phone), but I really need to do it with him and his computer next time I visit.

I'll write out keystroke-by-keystroke instructions (not that he'll follow them because he KNOWS EVERYTHING). Then he will claim the computer doesn't work when it says "File Not Found" and he'll call tech support.

--Went to the Hollywood Bowl via bus last night. Mahler's 2nd Symphony conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas. Much more enjoyable than I remember Mahler from previous exposure, and I may have to revise my opinion. After the heat of the day (triple digits) it was delightfully cool; brought dinner with us and had a picnic before the concert.

Next month we're going to the Bowl to see/hear Verdi's Requiem. Haven't heard a performance of it since I sang in it myself. Someone will have to nudge me in the ribs to keep me from singing along.

Life is good.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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