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Mah Jongg
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On its website, for free, AARP has a game called Mah Jongg Dimensions, a 3D game that is positively addictive. The first level is super easy, though it took me a while to figure out what was required to match up blocks for removal.

You, of course, brilliant person that you are, will see it right away, I'm sure.

My strength is in 3D visualization and memory, a talent for which I've had all my life. I wasn't aware that there was any such skill set until my senior year in high school when I was taking what are now called the SATs.

The test was in three parts. The first two were Maths (Algebra, Geometry, etc.) and English (vocabulary, comprehension, etc.). I hadn't been informed that there was a third section to take and that it was the test taker's option to chose among different categories.

I had never heard of "Spatial Relations", didn't even know what kind of skill the words referred to, so I opted to take that test. I knew that my scores on the first two were what would qualify me for college admission and that the third was just a bonus (or not).

I was--and am--the kind of person who is always fascinated by the new and unknown [if settlement on other planets had been a possibility during my lifetime, I'd have been the first to volunteer].

So...having no clue as to the content of the test, when the proctor said, "Go", I broke the seal and started the test. Wow. What a fabulous test. By the end, the shapes were really hard to decode, and that made it all the more fun.

When the scores came back, my high school career advisor said I should study engineering...wait, on the other hand, maybe languages...on the third hand, possibly sciences....

It was a heady time, with a world of possibilities lying before me, to leave my New England village and head for the west coast, shaking the dust of the place from my feet. At 16, I was convinced I could do anything. I had $200 in my wallet and an admissions letter to the most expensive university in the country. I was on my way.

Spatial relation games (mazes and so forth) have to this day held a real fascination for me. I could play them for hours. If you know of a good one, I'd love to know what it is.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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