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Tai Chi
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My monthly wellness newsletter has a big article on the benefits and purpose of Tai Chi exercise. I had always thought of Tai Chi as an easy to do, mild workout. In the days before the local high school was fenced in with armed guards and metal detectors at the gate, I used to see a group of Tai Chi practitioners on the school lawn doing their slow motion movements. I'd think, "I could do that," but somehow I never go around to pursuing the idea.

The article I just read has made me look again. Tai Chi may have slow motion movements, but it is not a wimpy set of exercises. It gives you an aerobic workout that's as intense as walking at a moderate pace, increases muscle strength and flexibility, improves breathing, enhances posture and balance...and focuses the mind.

Tai Chi, once a self-defense discipline, is now used to improve cardiovascular health and bone density, and to reduce back and neck pain. It's safer than many forms of exercise because of its 70% rule--you never move your joints or exert yourself beyond 70% of your maximum potential.

Hmmm...I could go for something like that. Improved breathing, lower blood pressure, easing of stress, strenghening of bones...yes, it all sounds good to me.

Have any of you ever tried it or currently practice it? What do you think about Tai Chi as a form of exercise and meditation?

Then the next question is where would I find a group.

Always ready for new experiences. Life is good!

Read/Post Comments (8)

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