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Tuesday Dan Gent and I were trying to remember which year I transferred to what was our mutual work location. Funny that I can remember the date--Cinco de Mayo--but I can't remember the year.

I have journal entries on JournalScape dating back to 2004, so I started to scan through them, and was sucked into the vortex of memories. Some of the entries were painful to read--I recorded my struggles to make my R&D project succeed, in spite of political pressure to sign off on it--and I also memorialized the success of the project and its subsequent give away to a suit, who was moving up the food chain. 'Nuff said about that.

But also there were funny entries and poignant ones and political rants. The most interesting would make a collection of essays, maybe for a short autobiography? I actually can be quite witty on occasion. Enough time has passed since those days that I can be pretty objective about which entries to include: some were really interesting, I thought.

So I've decided to scan through my JournalScape entries, one year at a time, eliminating the boring angst about my work, my husband, and including the perceptive and intriguing entries.

Who knows? I might even write a book, after all. Once I got started, it just flowed right along. Two, three, hours passed without my even being aware of the passage of time.

Once in a while I looked at the comments. Emjay is there; so is Batty. And other people who have now disappeared from sight or have passed away. The old order changeth....
In other news, the patio project is moving right along. The big truck just delivered a load each of sand, gravel, topsoil to my driveway. I paid a little more for "clean" dirt, remembering the school project across the street. When their dirt fill was dumped on the pavement just across from my house, the cockroaches came out in droves. I didn't want a repeat performance, so I paid extra.

No roaches. Hallelujah. Though to be honest, they don't give me the creeps the way they do other people. They are just insects, like ants and beetles and bees. Don't understand why people freak out about them--my attitude comes from having grown up on a farm, I think. You get used to bugs and manure and dirt.

Lovely day today, but it's getting hot. Have a good one!

Read/Post Comments (7)

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