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Projects Updated
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Dunno if you've noticed the "projects" link up there. I've just updated it with pictures of the things I've finished. Most of it is sewing related. I seem to be on a kick lately. Thanks to a friend, I've been thoroughly infected with the "bag" bug. LOL!

Mom's yarn plied nicely but there are a few spots where one ply is really thick and the other really thin. *Sighs* The bag is made from two "fat-quarters" and just sort of happened. I didn't really plan it much.

After I making my purse I ran across the perfect fabric to make one for my sis as a birthday present. Mine didn't come out quite right but I'd gotten it straight by the time I made heathers. My wallet isn't from a pattern but its pretty close to a picture of one made from a pattern. Same pattern maker as the purse, Lazy Girl Designs. And the coin purse is just the funnest, easiest thing to make in just about any size you can find a zipper for. I've made to others (bigger)... one for my sis in the same fabric as the purse and another for a friend to whom I'd forgotten I owed money. Yes, it was a guilt gift. I hope she likes it! Check the bottom of my links page for the link to the free online pattern.

Hmmm... Just realized I forgot to add some projects I'd rememberd.

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