The Sinister Scribe
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In no particular order, here is my project list...


  • Dayle's Website
    Have a good start. Need to finish admin and meet with her
  • Jessie's Parka
    Have outer fleece fabric and pattern. Need lining, zipper and fake fur.
  • My AoA
    Pencil drawing is complete. Need to letter it before painting

In the Queue (or not started)

  • Silk Poet Shirt
    for my continuing efforts on a better pirate costume. Could also use it for an upcoming girls nite out. Have silk
  • Bob's AoA
  • Feast Gear Bags
    Something that would hold one persons feast gear... plate, bowl, cup, cutlery and napkin
  • Wool Cloak Embellishment
    I have this idea to embellish the edges of my dark green cloak. Possibly using wool yarn and a black-work like stitch.

Completed (pictures open in new window)