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Police activity

Yesterday an NYPD launch steered into the little cove south of where I sit at the river. A cop car was down there too; I could see its lights. So I went down to see what was up. They were fishing something from the river; turned out to be the body of a dog. A skinny yellow one; how or why it died, I couldn't tell.

Then this morning as I got to the deli three people came crashing out. Inside, one of the brothers who own the place -- young guys, in their 30's -- was swinging a baseball bat and the other was on top of a guy who was fighting hard. I called the cops. They took forever to respond, mostly because 911 kept asking me whether it was a robbery or a fight, how many people were involved, were there any weapons, was anybody hurt. When I said I didn't know they asked why not. When I said, because I wasn't inside, they asked where I was. Meanwhile these guys are pounding on each other. Finally the cops came, took statements, arrested the guy who'd been found heading to the back room, where the safe is, according to the brothers. Though according to him he'd just been trying to get a better angle to reach something down from a high shelf.

Now I'm waiting for the third shoe to drop.

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