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The baggage carousel of life

Or, what goes around comes around. Maybe I did something good in these last few weeks, or maybe in a former life, but anyway, here I am bloggin' atcha from the Salisbury Y, across from the Peninsula Hotel on the tip of Kowloon, Hong Kong. Got here on a flawless flight -- well, okay, there was the pesky business of the stopped-up first-class toilets, but they managed to get the non-functioning number down to one, pasted it shut, and we took off. From Newark Airport, by the way, where, since it was Cinco de Mayo, a 4-piece mariachi band was driving around the International Terminal in one of those little carts, two of them facing forward and two backward, singing and playing guitars, an accordion, and of course mariachis.

Cashed in a bunch of miles and flew business class, which has some definite advantages. One, the food is better. But more important, the seats, while they do NOT flatten out, make a good enough try that it's possible to sleep on your side, which means it's possible to sleep. When we got to Hong Kong my bag slid quickly up the chute, I slid quickly through immigration and customs, the airtrain came 3 minutes after I got to the stop and the fabulous free K3 bus was waiting at the train station. And then here I was at the Y, ready to go for a stroll in the Hong Kong night.

Hong Kong's changed since I was last here, but being Hong Kong, what that means is it's gotten more so. More neon, more shops open later, more traffic and new traffic controls which people obey, waiting at empty crosswalks until the light changes. Unless a New Yorker is in the front of the crowd. The walkway along the tip of Kowloon has been extended to be an "Avenue of Stars," honoring the Hong Kong film industry. And you now buy Star Ferry tokens from a machine, not a little man behind an aged counter you had to know how to find.

But the density, the energy, the smells of food and diesel and the sea -- all still here. Tomorrow I get up early and rush around doing as much as I can, then tomorrow night, I fly to Shanghai. Where I hope I can blog again.

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