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Yes, it's my section of the river

And this, folks, is why it's a rotten idea to can your costly, experienced people and hire cheaper young 'uns. Which US Airways for sure would have done, given the trouble the airline industry's in, except the pilots have a union. A union. Buncha pinkos. So when 1549 had to ditch in the Hudson, the guy in charge -- the guy who had to make that decision and then carry it out -- had been around awhile and knew what he was doing. Imagine that.

I went down to see the plane this morning. It's in the water off Battery Park City. I ran into a Caribbean woman, also gawking (come on, there's a plane in the river, you're gonna not go look?) who said, "What is wonderful, everyone is all right. If not, today there are tears. This way, we can just come see." We couldn't see very much, just a wing sticking out. The plane's surrounded by equipment. Two marine salvage cranes are on barges keeping it afloat. Sometime later today they'll try to pull it out. Police divers are in the water (it's 18 degrees out there!) looking for the black box, and the scene is flanked by Coast Guard boats, police boats, a fireboat, and on land, three fire trucks, ESU ambulances, the city's multi-agency response command vehicle (a big tricked-out bus), and police cars everywhere. Why the crowd, I wondered, since the crisis is over? But it occurred to me the fuel, about two hours' worth, is still on the plane. What they're lifting out of the water will essentially be a big gas tank, and a damaged one at that. So you probably do want your fire trucks around.

Walking down there, I passed a cove where debris often gets trapped on its way up and down the river. Bobbing against the wall are three seat cushions, strap-side up. Even though I knew everyone was okay, that was a little eerie. I guess your seat cushion actually can be used as a floatation device.

Of course, me, I feel bad for the geese.

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