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Brief bird report, including a Phoenix

Yes, all right, the Phoenix is a mythical bird. But it's a real city and I'm getting on a plane to there in a couple of hours. Those of you out that way, come on down to Scottsdale tonight!

Meanwhile, on the river, the Canada geese are back, in, literally, great honking numbers. At migration time they honk, who knows why. They're racing back and forth low on the river's surface in small and medium sized flocks, trying to outdo the other flocks in grabbing up the best spots. The buffleheads are still here, not ready to split yet, but I'll be away a week, so they might be gone when I get back. No Brant geese this year, don't know why. But the hawk has been back a couple of times, very unpopular with the seagulls. Only time I've seen the gulls work in concert instead of bickering among their gull selves is when they're chasing that hawk.

So I'm off to AZ and then FL. If you're coming to Sleuthfest, or want to catch my Florida gigs, check the schedule. I think there's a bird sanctuary not so far from where I'll be, so maybe I'll spot something way cool. Later, dudes and dudesses.

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