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I'm a writer, publishing both as SJ Rozan and, with Carlos Dews, as Sam Cabot. (I'm Sam, he's Cabot.) Here you can find links to my almost-daily blog posts, including the Saturday haiku I've been doing for years. BUT the blog itself has moved to my website. If you go on over there you can subscribe and you'll never miss a post. (Miss a post! A scary thought!) Also, I'll be teaching a writing workshop in Italy this summer -- come join us!
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Down by the river side

Things starting to get back to normal here. For the last 2 months, if I haven't been on the road I've been just off the road and getting prepared for the next trip in a few days. The feeling of luxury involved wirh just being HERE is surprising. I can go to the bank today, or tomorrow, do the laundry whenever, water the plants when they need it, not the-day-I-leave-and-the-day-I-come-back. Most important, of course, I can write steadily. And go to the gym and play basketball regularly. And EAT VEGETABLES!

Meanwhile, down by the river, spring's having a little trouble springing. This has been a long, hard, cold winter and the plants are suspicious. It's been sunny but chilly for weeks, some very brief warm spells but then back down. Today's a little warmer, but very dark. The snowdrops are up, and a few crocusses; the tulips are poking their heads out, and daffodil buds are beginning to swell. The trees on the hill across the river look smudged, which would be the tiny round buds softening the shape of the stark branches. But further than that, into full-fledged springy exuberance, nothing is prepared to go.

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