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Santa Maria degli Angeli

Santa Maria is the town in the valley below Assisi. It's a long hot downhill walk down and a long hot uphill walk back up, so of course Barb and I walked down there in the middle of the day for no reason at all. We ran into Charles on the way down, looking to get a haircut. We strolled with him to three barbers, all of whom told him they were soon closing up for the lunchtime snooze and couldn't take him until they re-opened in the afternoon, say about 3, 3:30... Now, here's the thing about Charles. He has many wonderful features, but his hair isn't one of them. Or, it probably would be, if there were enough of it, or he wore what there is long enough to see. This would have been a five minute job, and that's if the barber took it slow and seriously. But no. Lunchtime was coming up, and go away. Little shrug with that, to say, Sorry, but what can I do? Obviously, nothing. So we all wandered around Santa Maria for awhile, and came upon a guy polishing a 1936 Daimler he'd bought off a guy in Miami. The first Daimler I'd ever seen. Just proving that all is never lost.


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