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Light and rain

Little of one, lots of the other. It's been raining in New York for days and days, feels like weeks and weeks. Over the weekend, huge tempest-like swirling winds and buckets of water everywhere. At the river this morning, highest tides I've ever seen. The pilings south of me were completely submerged; the ones to the north, just tips showing. The gulls hung in the air, circling through the fog and drizzle. For one thing the rain's been pounding for so long they haven't been able to fly and find something to eat, so now that the rain's down to heavy mist and occasional showers, they're on the hunt. For another, the river's so high there's no place to sit anyway.

The light is very weird. We turned the clocks, but you wouldn't know it, the clouds having been so thick and dark since that happened. Yesterday we had a brief hour or so of sunshine, but it closed out with sunshowers and then got dark and wild again. Today, mist, rain, clouds, and besides, I had my yearly eye check up and the doctor put those dilating drops in my eyes so I was walking around all afternoon in my shades and couldn't see a thing.

On the progress report front, by the way, I ran a slow quarter mile today. Verrrrry slow, and with small steps. But allegorically, as it were, a giant step.

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