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You guys are the best!

Who knew so many people felt this dread before traveling, even those of us who love it once we're underway? Best comment, Pat Hanlon, on Facebook: "I feel the same way even about going to the movies. I always thought it was just me." Not just you, Pat. Apparently, lots and lots of us.

I do think Laraine et al are right, that it's about homeostasis and it goes way back to the time when whatever fragile control we could maintain was often the actual difference between survival and death. That connection is long gone, and the fact is we can't and never could control anything anyway, but the feeling remains.

So I'm nervous, I worry about everything, I want to stay home. I'm packed. I never pack two days early but I had to prove to myself what I already knew -- that all the stuff I want to take would fit. I happen to be one of the world's great packers, a legacy from my mother. You should have seen what that woman could do with a car trunk and a garage sale full of stuff. Not that I'm taking all that much: one suitcase, one backpack. I travel light, but I have about 3 too many shirts. I always take too many shirts, everywhere. The right number of pants, underwear, and socks, but always too many shirts. I just throw in one more, and one more...

I'm about to start printing all the documents I've saved over the past year that I want to take with me. The first catsitter was just here, getting re-acquainted with the place and the cat (he hates her, but he hates everyone). About the extra glasses, thanks for the advice. My sunglasses are prescription, so I always think of them as back-up glasses. However, all this talk of sandstorms is making me bring a second glasses case, so both pairs can be safely put away while I wrap up in my hat and banadana, and if you think you're getting a photo of that, think again.

WL says it's easy to make a Google map on My Maps to show you the trip. Maybe. I'll try tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's Mongolia in context, so at least you guys know where I'm not blogging to you from.

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