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ON THE LINE contest photo #2

Okay, so the Liberty lost last night. Life goes on, right? In truth we were outplayed. Atlanta was also a lot taller. We also got a lot of bad calls, and they got a lot of no-calls. But we also couldn't hit our free throws. And if grandma had wheels she'd be a trolley car. Season over. Next year in Newark! Yes, fans, for the next three years, while the Garden's being renovated -- probably to put in skyboxes and remove my seats -- the Liberty will play in Corey Booker's town. I won't be able to walk home from the games anymore, but I'm such a Corey Booker fan, it's okay with me.

Meanwhile, the ON THE LINE contest is still on! The rules, prizes, and photo #1 are here. You can still enter for that photo, too. Remember, our judges are so arbitrary (kind of like the WNBA officals last night) (sorry, I hadda say it) that you don't have to be right to win. The best answer for each photo wins the prize for that photo. Answer to what? To the question, what is this and where in New York City was it taken? Send your answer to:

Enter early and often!

on the line contest photo #2

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