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Donald Trump? Book burning, a mosque, crazy people, and Donald Effing TRUMP?

We interrupt the ON THE LINE photo contest, and post on Rosh Hashonah -- neither of which I'd intended to do -- because this insanity has gotten crazy out of hand.

This whole Ground Zero mosque thing was by now way bizarre anyway, but this hits new heights of the completely surreal.

If the investors take Trump's offer, the arrogant s.o.b. will come across as a hero and the Muslims involved in the deal will be vilified as devious, money-grubbing sneaks who were hoping for an outcome like this at worst or at best are quick to give up their principles for bucks.

If they turn him down, they'll be vilified as inflammatory, intransigent deliberate troublemakers and Trump will still be able to say he tried, was willing to use his own resources to calm a bad situation he had nothing to do with creating.

Meanwhile, that other grandiose, narcissitic s.o.b. in Florida claims he's calling off his plan to burn the Quran because he's extorted, I'm sorry, negotiated a deal to move the mosque in return for him not burning the book -- WHAT? -- even while the imam up here in NYC says no such thing happened. So if the investors -- who are not the imam or the congregation, by the way -- take Trump's deal, THIS arrogant s.o.b. will take the credit. And if they don't, and the mosque doesn't move, he'll burn the book and start a new round of anti-American violence in the Islamic world just at the moment when both Iraq and Afghanistan are in real, real trouble.

All this just two days away from the anniversary of the event that we thought, briefly, might make us all stop, breathe, and change course.

What's WRONG with us?

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