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Waiting, but no blues

Wrote this yesterday morning but didn't get a chance to post it until now. It's really the bookend of the trip Waitin' Room Blues was the beginning of, so here it is.

Bloggin at ya from the Muddy Waters Cafe in New London, CT. Front door on Main St., window on the back porch overlooking the Sound. The Coast Guard has a three-masted schooner (who knew?) anchored outside here, smudged by the fog. A ferry's docked, too, one of the big Cross-Sound ones, and a couple of dredging barges. Icy rain's making rivers down the sloping streets. Seagulls are strolling along the next-door roof, looking affronted by the depth of the snow, which ranges from a couple of inches to a couple of feet. Everything's gray and misty.

Spent yesterday at Pomfret, a boarding school in way north-east CT, at the invitation of John Corrigan. Spoke to the seniors, then later to the whole school. Smart, well-prepared kids. Deep snow all over campus, ice collecting around tree branches and twigs. When the sun finally comes out everyone up there will be squinting against the sparkle. Left super-early to get to the train station, drive was really no problem, so here I am with an hour to spare, watching sleety rain falling into the misty Sound, while I sit drinking tea in a comfy chair in a cozy cafe.

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