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Oh, that Hong Kong foot massage!

To get to the foot massage, though, there was first the 16 hour flight from Newark to Hong Kong. In coach.

Wasn't so bad, though. The first couple of times I went to Asia I went coach, and I lived; after that, I started piling up the miles, and have been able to upgrade. Didn't work this time, though: upgrades not available, on account of it was a full, and I do mean full, flight. Oh well. Continental now has an entertainment system with eleventy-two movies, tv shows, music channels, all at your seat, even in coach. I watched "Death Note" and the first Ip Man movie, and if you're not into Asian pop culture, never mind, but I loved 'em. The food was edible, and I managed a few hours of sleep. So when I staggered off the plane in Hong Kong, I was okay. Zipped over to my friend Nancy's place in one of the impossibly slender buildings in Midlevels -- a round building, no less -- where by the time we schmoozed for awhile it was bedtime.

Got up and felt almost like a normal person. Made our way over the Peak to Repulse Bay to have coffee with another writer, walked on the beach and over to this wacky Buddhist- and Taoist-figure sculpture garden (photos coming); then back to Central for some fabulous dumplings (vegetable; and pork and chive) and then the foot massage. Nancy does this once a week, dumplings and foot massages. I can sort of see why, I must say.

Then we wandered around a little more, and decided we were feeling so good we'd walk back up to Nancy's apt. rather than taking a cab. It was more like hiking -- that's one steep city they have there -- but we strolled through an herb garden attached to the Zoo and checked out some medicinal plants, very cool. Then I packed up my suitcase, took a cab to the Airport Express stop, and headed out to Singapore.

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