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Davis Farms newsletter

My sister Naomi has an organic farm that's also a CSA, in southern Georgia about an hour outside of Macon. She sends out newsletters and I got a kick out of this one so I thought I'd share it with youse. Or, in her vernacular, with all y'all.

Davis Farms newsletter

This is a special midweek newsletter!

This morning trucks started arriving on the farm to begin work on our drilled well. One of them pulled up close to the fish pond and as I was walking my dogs I could see two men standing at the pond talking. Curious, I thought to myself, perhaps they are taking a break and want to hang out at the pond to relax. As I got closer, though, I could see a flexible pipe snaking its way into the pond, the other end terminating at a large tank on their large truck. They were loading up their water truck so they would have water available for the drilling operation.

As of my visit to the well site around noon they were about 70 feet down and still drawing up a lot of sand and mud. The water, well, it's not really water, it's more muck, that is being drawn up has large granules of sand and clay in it. Imagine, that sand and clay hasn't ever seen the sun until this large contraption forced it out of the ground and into the light of day. The truck with the drill has lots of equipment on it; pulleys, gears, pipes, and other things I don't know the name of. I thought of Bennie, because he worked in the oil fields in Texas when he first returned to the states after his military stint. This one drill made a lot of noise, think of the sound of a whole field of drills pounding away!

The other truck that has been busy all morning is Julia's truck. One of our newly arrived woofers, Frank, is spending today filling in some holes that have been eroding our road. We had several tons of clay delivered by the county Tues. and Frank is using that to fill the holes. It's a good day to do this because all the well trucks going up and down help to tamp down the clay and make for a better filled hole. But, it's a lot of hard work for Frank! Bucket by bucket, the pile of clay is diminishing as Frank loads filled buckets into Julia's truck and drives them to the next hole to be filled. Although we have a high tolerance for holes in our road, Julia is moving some heavy printing equipment onto the farm over the weekend and holes in the road would make that move even more difficult.

The annual JugFest is being held in Roberta this Sat. The JugFest is a celebration of local pottery and potters, with many nationally recognized potters exhibiting and selling their unique art. Crawford County has a particular type of clay soil that is highly sought after by potters across the country, and the community kiln is fired up, the Historical Society opens its doors, and Knoxville/Roberta puts on its best face for the event. Its only held once a year so this is your chance to get your hands on some one of a kind pottery and learn about this craft. For more information you can go to

So, that is the mid-week news from Davis Farms! Hope you all have a safe and productive week.

Naomi Davis
Davis Farms

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