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What Does Occupy Wall Street Want?

Lots of people asking that question. Mostly I suspect what they really mean is, "What can we promise you to make you go away?" They haven't found a single, easy-soundbite answer, and they're getting frustrated. Don't worry, I'm here to help.

Everyone would pack up and go home in a helluva hurry, I promise you, if the giant banks and multi-national corporations suddenly adopted as their credo the idea that a reasonable profit can be made without choking, smashing, and stomping on WeThePeople. That won't happen, anymore than jackals and hyenas will stop tearing their prey apart. It's their nature. So try this: Government -- all you folks whose job it is to protect WeThePeople from jackals and hyenas -- if you want the Occupy Wall Street protests to end instead of spreading from Portland OR to Portland ME, from Indianapolis IN to Indianola TX, then do your jobs. Which, by the way, WeThePeople hired you for, and I think some of you have job reviews coming up pretty soon? If you're looking for support in your efforts to rein in these greedy mofos, you can take this as a sign that you've got it. If you're on the side of the greedy mofos, get out of the way; we're awfully tired of you.

And to all you greedy mofos, I'd suggest this: it might be a good time to lie a little low, to at least pretend you don't believe you're better than the rest of us. We bailed out your sorry behinds once before, and all you did was give yourselves bigger bonuses and strut around as though you deserved them. You didn't, you don't, and there are a lot of eyes on you right now, deciding what to do. I wouldn't advise a lot of strutting right at the moment.

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