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Okay, I had a different post ready for you this morning, but the police cleared Occupy Wall Street protestors from the park at 1:00 this morning. (And don't think I don't see the irony of giving you the link to Bloomberg News.) Helicopters have been buzzing around here -- I live downtown -- ever since, both police and news. Around 200 people were arrested.

I understand a group of protestors have taken a new position in a park at 6th and Canal (which, interestingly, is a public park; the other one they were using, though "public space," is privately owned.) I'm going to go check it out. First I want to say two things, though, or rather, give you two quotes. The first is from a press release from the OWS press team:

"A protest can be shut down. But you cannot evict an idea whose time has come."

The second is from Mayor Bloomberg himself:

"Protestors have had two months to occupy the park with tents and sleeping bags. Now they will have to occupy the space with the power of their arguments."

This whole movement is about power. The only power WeThePeople -- the 99%, if you prefer -- have here in the US of A is, luckily, also the final power, over politicians at least: we can evict THEM.

In other words: this is not over. OCCUPY THE VOTING BOOTH!

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