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Tidal power!

Assuming it's true the fish will avoid it, this could be a very cool thing:

First Tidal Power License in the Country is Issued for NYC Turbines

Last month, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission granted Verdant Power the country's first commercial license to generate and sell electricity from underwater turbines.

For the past few years, six turbines placed by Verdant on the bed of the East River, off Roosevelt Island, have been churning out enough electrical power to run a grocery store and a parking garage. As it monitored the turbines, Verdant demonstrated several important facts, including that fish would avoid the turning blades and not be harmed and that the blades would turn readily in either direction depending on the tide.

The East River is not actually a river. It is a tidal strait connecting Long Island Sound on the north end to Upper New York Bay on the sound end. Because of this, "we can predict within a very high degree of accuracy how much power we're going to be producing tomorrow, three weeks from now, 10 years from now, 100 years out, by simply looking at tidal charts," said Verdant's Dean Whatmoor in an interview on the Clean Skies network.

With Verdant's multi-year demonstration of the potential of clean, renewable energy created from New York City's rushing currents deemed successful and safe, the FERC was convinced and Verdant got its license to proceed with the RITE (Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy) Project on January 23, 2012. The company now will build out -- and monitor -- the entire project of up to 30 turbines.

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