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Waitin' on the levee, waitin' for the Robert E. Lee

Or, in this case, for the space shuttle Enterprise. It was brought on a barge -- I really want to say "it sailed gloriously on a barge," but someone (Uncle Jules?) is bound to write and tell me barges don't sail -- up the Hudson this morning, to its new home on the USS Intrepid. So of course, my neighbors and I had to go down and see it.

this was the river while we waited

The weather was dramatic and the wait included a lot of gulls and a pair of geese, and lots of waves. In not too long, the John J. Harvey swung into view, leading the way.

the john j. harvey leads it upriver
the john j. harvey leads the enterprise up the river

(I apologize for the quality of the photos, by the way; the camera's in the shop, so these had to be done with the iPhone.)

Then came the barge. The barge had a two huge signs facing NY and two facing NJ. On one: "SHUTTLE ENTERPRISE." On the other: "TO INTREPID." In case you saw this ship spectacle and didn't know what to make of it.

here it comes
the enterprise comes into view

As I've learned always happens when an important ship comes up the river, the Enterprise got an impromptu escort, a flotilla of whoever's around -- sailboats, fishing boats, tugs, ferries, and kayaks.

amid escort
amid escort

And how, you ask, are they going to get the Enterprise onto the Intrepid? With a honkin' big crane, which brought up the rear.

honkin' big crane
honkin' big crane

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