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Squirrel family update

It's been an unconscionably long time since I reported on Squirrely and Squeeze and their burgeoning family. Allow me to correct that oversight now. Squirrely's well-kept nest is almost hidden now that the trees have leafed out, but he can still be seen at work. The guy's more assiduous than most contractors I worked with in my 20-year architecture career. Of course, this is his own home, for his family: he and Squeeze have successfully brought to young 'uns into the backyard world. Squirt is the larger and braver of the two. It was, in fact, he whom I saw lying splayed out on his dad's favorite branch, a few weeks ago when he was still partly baby-fuzzy. Two weeks ago he sped out of the nest after his mother, who raced him up and down the trees, showing him how to get from one to another, how to balance on the fence, etc. He was fearless and sure-footed, leaping and bounding.

Not so little Squeak, who peered out of the nest, paws over the side, looking like a squirrel Kilroy. Poor kid followed mom and big brother (or sister) with his (or her) huge black eyes. He clearly wanted to be with them but only could only bring himself to tentatively reach for branches and then let go; he wouldn't leave the nest. A few days later, I saw Squeeze and Squirt erupt out again, and this time Squeak followed, way behind but trying. Squeeze turned around every now and again to chatter at him. I'm assuming it was encouragement, but what do I know? In any case, despite a few near-misses, Squeak managed a run, although he went home pretty fast. But the next day he was back.

Now I see them all every day, including Squirrely. They usually go two and two, which I guess is a parent and a child, and they're having a good time with the fruits of the ornamental cherries in the yard down the block. Sometimes there'll be three together. Those must be the times Squeeze is taking the kids out for a meal and Squirrely's in the tree fixing up the homestead. Good job, guys!

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