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Mongolia: Ulgii Town

Mongolia: Ulgii Town

That's Ulgii, not Ugly, though admittedly this western Mongolia town's not a beauty spot. Ulgii is like Dodge City, 1848, except without the guns. We flew into Ulgii and spent a night in a ger camp -- our only ger camp this trip -- before heading up into the mountains. Since we were there, we checked out the mosque and the market. On the way back, after eight nights in tents (and five more coming) we stopped to make use of what was, to us, Ulgii's best feature: a public shower.

ulgii town
Ulgii Town

Western Mongolia is Kazakh territory, and the Kazakhs, about 9% of Mongolia's population, are Muslims. Their gers are wider and higher than Mongol gers, and slightly different in structure and decoration. Also, unlike Mongols, Kazakhs like and keep cats. After all, Mohammed did.

cow in the market
Cow in the market.

cow found nothing it wanted
Cow found nothing it wanted.

tea in the market
Tea in the market.

market beauty products
Beauty products in the market.

milk salesladies
Milk salesladies at the market.

taxi service
Motorbike taxis wait for customers at the market.

ger camp
Ger camp where we stayed.

home sweet home
My ger.

ger camp friend
Ger camp friend.

kazakh ger walls
Walls in a kazakh ger.

kazakh ger roof
Kazakh ger roof.

public shower, a beautiful sight
Public shower, a beautiful sight.

clean traveling companion
Clean traveling companion.

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