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Squirrel report

Lately, lots of squirrel action in the yards behind my apartment. Over the summer the trees and vines were thick with leaves, and the squirrels got up early, ate, and spent the rest of the day hanging out. They don't necessarily use the winter nest in the summer -- especially Squirrely himself, who really likes his tree branch, where he lies on his belly, arms and legs dangling -- so I didn't see them much. Now, though, the leaves have thinned a little and more importantly the days are short and cool enough that it's clear fall's here and winter's coming. Acorns and other tree fruits and nuts abound and it's time to start ferrying them back to the nest, as well as sticking stashes in tree hollows, in the ground, and in windowboxes and flowerpots. A couple of times in the last few days I've seen more than one squirrel back there. Yesterday I spotted three running down the big tree, and the ivy and wisteria rustled for quite awhile after that. For fans of Squirrely and Squeeze, I think what this means is, Squirt and Squeak haven't left the nest. Which in turn probably means Squeeze isn't pregnant and won't have a fall litter. If she were, she'd have kicked the kids out by now, and maybe Squirrely, too. So it looks like the whole family might be getting ready to hunker down for the winter, all cuddled together in the big winter nest.

Watch this space for the Squirrely and Squeeze children's book project, which I want you all to be part of...

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