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Back from Bouchercon

Back from Bouchercon

And what a great time I had, too. My favorite thing about Bouchercon, wherever it's held, is that I get some time to hang with people I just don't see all that often. This year, besides doing a really fun panel with Laurie King, Dana Cameron, Ed Lin, Toni Kelner, and Zoe Sharp rocking a Sean Chercover imitation (Sean was felled by food poisoning, from which, not to worry, he's fully recovered now) and playing both basketball

bouchercon basketball 2012
fierce competitors

and poker, I had a great lunch with Laurie King at a terrific place called Pura Vida, which I liked so much that I went back two days later for dinner with Al Abramson

al abramson, looking scary
al abramson, looking scary

and Parnell Hall. Al's the Chair of Bouchercon 2013 in Albany; I asked him to please get Pura Vida to open a pop-up restaurant there for the con weekend, but I dunno. Went on the PWA Shamus Award Banquet 3-hour Cruise; a little scary in concept, because we all know what happened to that other 3-hour Cruise, but as it turned out the food was good and we did not, in fact, end up on a desert island in the middle of Lake Erie.

the captain, bob randisi
captain bob randisi

Opening ceremonies were held at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

rock 'n' roll hall of fame
entry, rock 'n' roll hall of fame

which was a hoot. Because I didn't make it to Left Coast, where they give the Dilys Award

dilys award
dilys award, a solid laser-inscribed glass book

the IMBA gave it to me in Cleveland. This meant I stood on the stage at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame! I felt like I ought to smash the thing to bits, set the bits on fire, and then leap into the audience, but I restrained myself.

I had good talks with Ali Karim, Zoe Sharp, Colin Campbell, Michael Wiley, Les Klinger, Leonard Rosen, Enid Perll, and Dana Cameron; had some moments, not as many as I'd have wished but better than nothing, with Les ("this is my goddamn town") Roberts, Elizabeth George

sj rozan and elizabteh george
sj rozan and elizabeth george

and her fabulous husband, Sara Paretsky, Bob Randisi, Hank Phillipi Ryan (the new Prez of Sisters in Crime), and John Lutz; and got some time also with non-writers Beth Tindall, Marjorie Tucker, Bill and Virgina Edwards, and She Who Must Be Unnamed. And lots of quick hallway conversations with lots of other people. As always, of course, there were people I know were there but I barely saw (Ed Lin, except for the panel, and Linda Fairstein) and some I didn't even know were there until I got home (Joe Myers). Bouchercon's like that. But it's always worth going and it was great.

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