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To you swing-state voters

How many times have we all said, Really, what difference does my vote make? There are so many millions of us. One little drop won't change the color of the water in the bucket...

Most years, that's true. This year, it's not.

The margin of victory in Ohio in 2008 was 24 votes per precinct. Two dozen. That's you and your neighbors on the block.

You folks who're going to have to stand in line for hours, who're going to have to fill out confusing forms, who're going to be turned away and have to contest it: it's down to you. My vote doesn't matter. My state's going blue with or without me. I'll cast my vote anyway, standing in line as long as I need to in solidarity with you, but my vote doesn't matter this year.

Yours does.

If I could, I'd bring you coffee and sandwiches, watch your kids, walk your dogs while you wait and wait. I can't. But I also can't do what you can: make a real difference. Your vote matters. Make them let you cast it. Don't leave the line. You will decide this election. Please, no matter how hard it is, vote!

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