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I voted. Waited half an hour outdoors, half an hour indoors. The outdoor wait would've been a little shorter, but I was watching someones's dog -- total stranger, but they wouldn't let him take the dog in and I was way back in line. I offered to hold the dog, and by the time I got to the door he wasn't back yet. So I let a dozen people go ahead of me before he came out. Oh, what a hero I am.

NYC has an extremely stupid system which I won't go into. I will say that all the pollworkers were goodnatured, helpful, and as fast as they could be. With the glaring exception of one jerk who acted as though we were all only there to upset him. One of my urban studies professors used to say, "If you get rid of the people the system works just fine. The whole challenge is accommodating the people." This guy did not want to accommodate us in the least. But everyone else, including everyone on line, was great.

Now we wait. Here's the good news (not for you, Steinke, but for the rest of us): Nate Silver has Obama's chances at 90%. Even more important, the Las Vegas oddsmakers, who have no dog in the fight but are just looking to make some money, have Romney at 1 to 3 and Obama at 4 to 1.

And Squirrely is bouncing through the backyard, the bluejay is squeaking like a rusty wheel, and the woodpecker's drumming away.

Go O!

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