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I love New York

Went to the NYC Marathon yesterday, and am proud to say my subjective and unscientific opinion is the course was even more crowded with spectators than usual. Lots of runners wearing blue ribbons for Boston; lots of cops and dogs, but the mood was high and the day was gorgeous. Some moments:

A group of people on the subway with me, who'd cheered their runner on in Brooklyn, jumped on the subway to applaud her in Queens, and were now hurrying to upper Manhattan so they could cheer for her as she entered the park and buoy her up for the last two miles.

A man holding high a sign saying, "We are proud of you, total strangers."

A number of tough-looking women, including one Asian woman, in FDNY Running Club tee shirts.

An unusually high number of people, about equally divided between men and women, running in tutus. Is something going on I don't know about?

A guy in a full-length banana suit.

A guy in a "Doctor Dribble" tee shirt dribbling two basketballs. For 26 miles? In a crowd of thousands? And I can't get up the court with one?


Chants of "Boston! Boston!" every time someone went by in a "Boston Strong" shirt. (You've got to know how much NYC and Boston hate each other in every sports category.)

A glorious afternoon. I love New York.

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