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Heather and I watched Chicago on DVD last night. Heather loves musicals. I enjoy some musicals, but do not love them as a category in the way my pook does. I'd managed to get myself excited about Chicago -- it got all those great reviews, after all, and awards notice, and was supposed to be the first stirrings of a movie musical revival, and la la la.

But I didn't like it at all. The music was okay at best and boring at worst. And in this show, if the music doesn't do it for you, there's not much in the story to help you. There's not a single sympathetic character in the cast. The only one who isn't wholly reprehensible is Roxie's husband, and he's such a doormat and loser that I couldn't sympathize with him, either. I've got nothing against villainous characters as protagonists -- I've read and enjoyed many such stories -- but the characters in Chicago were so utterly, painfully banal in their evil that I couldn't work up any interest.

Now that I think of it, it was like watching an episode of Jerry Springer re-cast as a historical musical.

All the women dancing in lingerie were nice, though.

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