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Brutal Alchemy
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Wrote another 1300 words of the nameless Buffalo/Rangergirl story, bringing it up to about 6,500 words so far. I'd estimate that there's another 2,000 words to go, but then, that's what I thought yesterday! At least I got through the scenes with the airship and the monstrous alchemy -- all that's left is the climactic clash and a little falling action. I actually know how the story ends now, which is heartening. This post-midnight writing is oddly pleasant. Earlier in the evening I get sleepy, and sluggish, and am not good for much but sitting on the couch, but by 11:30 or so I perk up and get my second wind. Staying up until 2 a.m. and getting up at 8 a.m. seems to be working about as well as staying up until midnight and getting up at 6 a.m. did. I am blessed with a fairly flexible body-clock. The only difference is that I'm writing as the last thing of the day, now, instead of the first thing. It doesn't seem to affect the quality of the work much.

(Don't you love these long meditations on my writing habits?)

On the recommendation of my friend Brian, I downloaded a couple of mp3s (legally, you RIAA spies!) by The Decemberists -- there are samples on their website. Good stuff. He also recommended Pinback and Iron & Wine, but I haven't tracked down either of those yet. Brian and I used to have this marvelous feedback loop of film-and-music-and-book recommendations, but we haven't been in touch in a while; it's nice to have some suggestions from him again.

Tonight, to celebrate the fact that I'm now all agented up, sweet Heather and I went out and got dinner at Barney's, sat outside and had milkshakes and burgers and fries, and basked in the divinity of a good meal in perfect weather in a courtyard with lion-bas-reliefs on the walls and lots of leaves.

We also went to Best Buy and picked up Angel season 2 and Family Guy seasons 1 & 2 on DVD. So we're set for entertainment for a good long while!

The work day (you see the reverse-chronological thing I'm doing here? Huh? Talk about your organized journal entries!) went by really quickly, as I was busy working on obituaries, writing up news, and generally running around doing stuff. I got to write my own note for People & Publishing -- "Tim Pratt is now represented by Ginger Clark of Writers House." She sent the contract, and it looks fine, so I'll print, sign, and mail it to her tomorrow.

Everything is shiny and good and fine.

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