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So, as you may have read over at Heather's journal, she was sick this morning (scary, fall-down kind of sick). I woke to the dim sounds of her calling my name, mostly muffled by the white noise of the fan, and found her in the bathroom, where she'd passed out, but since awakened. Terrifying! I held her, and got her water, and generally tried to be there for her as much as possible, though at that point I'd only gotten about 3 hours of sleep myself, so it was an effort to be alert. She made it to the couch, and stayed there for most of the day, drinking tea, eating once she got her appetite, and watching Angel and Family Guy DVDs (though, obviously, she made a foray or two to her computer to check e-mail and write a journal entry). The symptoms of her illness subsided to manageable levels pretty quickly, but she hurt herself when she fell (hit her jaw, her cheekbone, and bruised her torso), which made the day unpleasant for her. We, obviously, didn't make it into San Francisco, and had to blow off lunch and the Tachyon party. We'd planned to meet kest at the party, but (un?)fortunately she didn't go, either, as she wasn't feeling too well herself. Apart from a foray down to the corner store for some essentials, I didn't get out of the house at all today.

Heather seems to be mostly better, now, apart from the actual injuries she took in the fall. I'm waiting to see if I get sick or not -- whether it's a viral thing, or just a revolt on the part of a portion of her body's politic...

It hasn't been a tremendously productive weekend, mostly given over to tending new computers and sick pooks. I did answer a slew of Flytrap submissions (speaking of which, have you subscribed? Because you should think about it. The zine's gonna rock). I've got lots of stuff I like already (and two or three stories that I absolutely love, and will probably take). I got contracts and payment for "Living with the Harpy" from Strange Horizons (mmm, money). Otherwise, no movement on the literary front.

We watched Wendigo, which had some beautiful moments, but wasn't ultimately very scary. The filmmakers sacrificed suspense for character development, which is all well and good, but they could have done with a bit more suspense -- I got somewhat bored with the inter-relationship stuff in the family, especially since it wasn't all that complicated.

That, I suppose, is that.

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