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I spent much of today worrying about my mom and siblings. They live on the North Carolina coast, which was not a good place to be today. Mom's a paramedic, so she had to be there, and the kids stayed, too. I just got word from my Dad (who lives farther inland) that he talked to my brother, and they're all fine. That's a load off. I've been watching the stuff on TV, the storm surges, the power lines falling down, and it was freaking me out. It's good to hear they're okay, though without power, natch.

Of course, the worst isn't over. More people get hurt the day after a hurricane than while the hurricane is going on, mostly because of flooding. So I'll have to worry a bit longer, I guess. I'm sure they'll be okay. They've been through bit storms before. Still anxiety-making, though.


We finished the issue at work today. Whee! I can use my wrists after dark again!


I had a mildly productive evening. Finally got the last image we needed for Flytrap, and it was well-worth waiting for, an illustration of Jay Lake's story "Like Cherries in the Dark," created by our friend Richard Doyle, artist extraordinaire. So I put that in the 'zine, and worked on finalizing some other stuff in the layout. It's coming along nicely.

I also went over Jed's edits to my story "Living with the Harpy," which is presently scheduled to be online at Strange Horizons in three weeks or so. It's one of my better stories, I think (and very stylemonkeyish), so I hope you like it. I'll point you that way when it's online, of course.

Otherwise, just a quiet evening, hanging out with Heather, eating Mexican food for dinner (mmm, guacamole), reading a bit, watching some Angel. Good times.

And, yeah, I still rock.

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