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So Karen Joy Fowler (author of Sister Noon, The Sweetheart Season, Sarah Canary, plus collections Black Glass and Artificial Things) says, of my collection Little Gods:

"First of all I was impressed simply by how big it was. All those stories (and poems!) Secondly I was impressed by the stories themselves. I love the melding of commonplace and fantastical, so fallen angels are wandering around New Orleans, but saying things like 'Doesn't ring any bells.' The writing is deft, not showy, but often lyrical. Good setting (Yay, Tim!) and textures -- I remember your Clarion work as being very, very rich and am pleased to see I remember correctly.

"Nice range -- witches (on bicycles) and faeries (with no wings -- I wrote a poem once a bit like that about my son, because his infant heart surgery left a scar on his back as if a single wing had been removed) and angels and small gods and thieves who steal immortality. Nice range of tone as well, both horrific and funny, often beautiful, often sad. Well done. I know I'm late with this, but if anything I've said can be helpfully used, feel free to extract it and use it. It's a really beautiful collection."

And from that we'll extract and boil down a blurb (Sean actually did so already, rather deftly, but I wanted to include the whole thing, because I think it's wonderful).

I'll write more later (I have some work to finish first), but I thought this was nice enough to deserve an entry all its own. Karen is a brilliant writer, and it means the world to me that she had such nice things to say about my work

Read/Post Comments (12)

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