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Calling this entry "Overworld!" makes as much sense as that vampire/werewolf movie being called Underworld. Which is to say, not much, really. We went to see that flick tonight (I got Heather to attend a show that began at 10:00 p.m.! This is unheard-of! Hurray!). The movie was stylish, good cinematography, sets could've been better, nice colors, pretty good werewolves, some impressive wound-effects. The ammunition had better characterization than the two protagonists. The moral ambiguity was good. Plot only tangentially approached coherence. The White Wolf plagiarism case is bollocks.

Two enjoyable hours, which will have passed wholly from my mind by tomorrow afternoon, I imagine. I'll catch the inevitable sequels on DVD and skip 'em in the theater, unless I hear they're exceptionally good.


Like the cover art for my collection? You can buy a print of it here: I did. Looks good. We're going to frame it and hang it in the living room.


Shocklines sold out their first order of Little Gods in a day and a half, and re-ordered. I'm a bestseller for them. For a small bookstore, selling a book that hasn't even been officially released yet, with no publicity or review coverage beyond this journal and a few bulletin boards, it isn't bad, and it's definitely a good start.

Info on ordering signed books from me will appear sometime this weekend. Stay attuned!


Flytrap is off to the printer. It'll take them 3 - 5 days to finish the job (barring the unforeseen), then they have to ship the copies to us, and we'll send out contrib and subscriber copies. We're looking into some interesting distribution possibilities (Heather has some useful connections from her job as a book buyer). More on that as it develops.


It's been a fairly uneventful week. Heather's mom came over for dinner last night, and I made three-mushroom lasagne, which was yummy. That was it for excitement, though. I've been catching up on things at work, getting my head above water (everything gets shoved aside during the last week of production, so after the magazine is done, I have to run to catch up). Various exciting things are being planned, though. Heather's working at Folsom Street Fair Sunday, and I'll go visit her for lunch, and to wander around, and etc., maybe get together with a friend who's planning to be there. Next week we hope against hope to have dinner with the ever-sparkly Jen, and show her our Flytrap mock-up. At some point, there must be celebratory sushi to celebrate my getting an agent.

And in March, Heather and I plan to attend the 2nd annual Hidden City Writer's Workshop, this time in Lake Tahoe. We got invited yesterday. Good line-up of participants, including my posse from Rio Hondo -- Susan, Daniel, Ken, and David. Plus other people I consider friends or have, at least, met: Sam Ling, K.Z. Perry, Emily Mah, Lori Ann White, and Ben Rosenbaum. The only ones I don't know are Michael Bateman and Jae Brim. Of course, it's six months away, so this line-up might change, but I hope they can all make it. Seems like a great bunch. Heather and I should both have vacation time saved-up, and it doesn't come during a week of heavy production at work, so I don't foresee any difficulty in us going. It's cheaper than Rio Hondo was, because we can drive there. Should be a nice vacation, and we'll get lots of work done, of course. Something to look forward to. Looks like a great house, too.

I don't think I'd like being in a regular workshop, but the occasional vacation/retreat/workshop is pretty cool.


That's all for now. Tomorrow, I do housework, write a review, maybe finish a story, maybe get back into the Frog novel. Apart from the one review, I don't have any deadlines looming. I'm going to try to catch up on Star*Line stuff. Nothing too strenuous. I'm going to try to sit outside, take some walks, drink some beer, eat some french fries, read good books, and enjoy the finer things.

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