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It's been a weird couple of days. I've been feeling intermittently shitty -- the non-shitty parts come when I'm medicated, or sitting still, or sleeping. I've had an upset stomach pretty much non-stop for two days, and tonight it was so bad I was actually making noises of pain. Like, serious indigestion. Heather had a seriously upset stomach a few days ago, so we're thinking that we've shared a little bug, but who knows? I'm drinking peppermint tea, eating once a day and having a hard time keeping it all down. Basically yech. Though not debilitating -- I've gone to work, even been social. Just haven't been feeling exactly peppy. Last night I had a crushing headache -- like, coruscating flashes of light, strong odors made me hurt, lamplight made me hurt, moving my body made me hurt. I think I might've had a fever, too. Painkiller did nothing -- or, if it did do something, my unmedicated headache would have been pretty incomprehensibly horrible. I've never had a headache so bad. I rarely get them at all. I went to bed early, curled up in a blanket, whimpering. It sucked.

Earlier yesterday evening was nice. kest was in my neighborhood, so she called and came over and hung out. I wasn't feeling too badly then -- no headache, and the tummy had subsided to a general, distant nausea. Heather was out on the town with Susan, so the company was most welcome. I took kest to the BART station when I went to pick up Heather, and we all stood around outside and talked about writing, mostly. Nice. Though then I came home and, well, see above, re: crushing headache.

Tonight, there was no headache. We had to sulphur the cats, which sucked, but we watched Angel, which was nice. I haven't done much in the way of useful work, writing-wise. Haven't written a word all week, or done much with the editing gigs, or anything. I've been reading and feeling like ass. Hope this bug, or whatever it is, goes away soon. It's not even bad enough to justify my taking a day off of work! It just ruins my concentration and my enjoyment of food! What an inconsiderate illness!

In happier news, my agent Ginger says The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl is ready for prime time after this last round of revisions, and she's going to send it out next week, after we figure out where it's going. Very happy-making indeed.

I hope I'm feeling all better by tomorrow night, because we're going out on the town with sparkly Jen, to eat at a good restaurant and generally pal around. Should be big crazy fun. And me, being social twice in one week! Nigh unheard-of.

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