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The Ringing Quarter
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Hey, I finished a story this weekend! Though not the one I thought I'd finish. Still no ending on the Rangergirl story. Instead, I wrote a new one, 3000 words, called "The Third-Quarter King." Wrote about two-thirds of it on Saturday, came up with a lackluster ending, decided to hold off on writing it in hopes that I'd come up with something more natural and powerful, slept, figured out a better ending in the shower this morning, and wrote it. Whoo! I'd planned to finish off the Rangergirl story tonight, too, but got distracted networking our computers, unpacking, cleaning, and so on instead. I'll finish it later this week. We’re hoping to get DSL soon, which should fill our lives with zoomish glee.

In the meantime, we're trying to control ourselves with respect to our overwhelming desire to spend hours playing multiplayer Diablo II over our little home network.

It's been a nice weekend. Lots of puttering around the house. We took a walk yesterday down to Grand Ave. to have dinner. We watched a couple of movies. Daredevil, which, as everyone knows, pretty much sucked. And Ringu, which was quite interesting. There are things about Ringu I liked much more than the US remake -- particularly the father's character, who was very strong and interesting in the original, while he was basically callow and unsympathetic in the remake. I also appreciated the relative simplicity of the backstory in the original, as opposed to all the stupid crap about horses they had in the remake. The remake did have that nice stuff about the little girl burning images directly onto photographic plates, though. The best thing about the remake was the character of the son, who is rather a cipher in the original. My favorite moment in The Ring involves the son and the mother, and there is no analogous moment in the original. The original doesn't have as powerful an ending, either -- at least, it's not presented as dramatically. The suggestion that the little girl was fathered by demons from the sea is a nice touch that didn't make it into the remake. Almost all the good imagery in the remake appeared in the original, and in many ways it's a better film. I think I enjoyed the remake more, though, despite some missteps and unnecessary additions. That might just be because I saw it first, though.

So, good night. This is one of those journal entries that just sort of trails off. But, hey, new story. Whoo. It's about seasons, and the crucial difference between boons and bargains. I quite like it, though it needs a little revision before it's ready to hit the mail.

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