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Harpies, Angels, and Little Gods
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First, these things:

Jason Erik Lundberg reviews Little Gods at the Green Man Review. It's a better review than I ever expected, and I thank him.

My story "Living with the Harpy" is online now at Strange Horizons. Let me know what you think. It's one of Heather's favorites. I'm fond of it, too.

And you know what else? My poem "Angel Bites" is also online at Strange Horizons this week.

That's right, y'all. Twice the me. This is the sort of wonderful thing that happens when individual departments of a magazine operate with total independence! Long live deparmental autonomy!

Now the non-linky bits.

I'm so sleepy. Cruel daylight savings time. My body feels like it's later than the clock claims.

I had a good weekend. I wrote a review of Nina Hoffman's A Stir of Bones on Saturday (also for Strange Horizons!!). Went to a fun party for Sean Klein's 40th birthday, in Sacramento, on Saturday night. I gave him a copy of Little Gods as a gift. He had quite a spread of fabulous food and yummy beverages. I chatted with Karen Joy Fowler a fair bit, and talked to Frank Wu and Sam Ling. It was a fun party, well worth the three hour round-trip drive, since I don't see those people often at all. I wrote about 2200 words on the Frog novel today (Sunday). I'm very pleased with that novel's progress -- I came up with some absolutely fabulous cool shit to put into the book today. Otherwise, Heather and I did the usual weekend things. Strolled a bit on Lakeshore, took a nice walk through the neighborhood, read a lot, played Diablo together, cleaned up around the house.

The squirrels destroyed the hammock that was in the back yard, so Heather broke out one of her three (three!) hammocks, and strung it up back there today. We have to take it down when we're not using it, lest the ferocious squirrels strike again, but it's easy to set up, so it's no problem. We both spent a little time sprawled in the hammock this afternoon, reading Jenn's kick-ass kung-fu romance novel.

I finished Wolves of the Calla, and enjoyed it, though there was a development near the end that made me want to fling the book across the room. I restrained myself. I'll reserve judgment until I see what he does with this fling-worthy development in later books. Maybe he can make it work.

Now I'm for bed. Happy Monday.

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