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Fear the Killbot 6000
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Happy Hallowe'en!

It's been a strangely up-and-downsy few days. Heather got sick on Wednesday, and I stayed home with her in the morning, took her to the doctor (inconclusive useless grumble grumble), then went to work. We had a pretty nice evening all the same, though she didn't feel her best. Yesterday she went to work, though still felt bad (see her journal for more details). We got copies of Flytrap yesterday -- hurray! The cover does not look as good as it should (the front image isn't dark enough, and the image on the back is pixellated all to hell -- they apparently printed it at a lower resolution than they should have, which is annoying), but it's not disastrous or anything -- it doesn't look bad, just not as good as it should. And the inside is beautiful, just beautiful. The content, of course, will have to speak for itself, but take my word for it -- there's brilliant stuff inside. If you order a copy today, you'll get it in the mail next week, probably, so what are you waiting for? A mere $4!

And if you've got stuff to send for issue #2, send it. Today's the deadline.

We got Jason and Janet's chapbook yesterday. Haven't read the stories yet, but the design is to die for. Absolutely beautiful. Janet's got a great eye.

So many good things are coming. Polyphony 3. The newest issue of The Third Alternative. New issue of LCRW. New issue of Say... (can't remember if I subscribed to that; may have to order a copy, then). Chris Rowe's chapbook. Wonders heaped upon wonders. And all arriving just as it's turning cold, so I can snuggle down in blankets with something steaming to drink and read, read, read. (I'm presently reading Jenn's novel, which is fast-paced, fun, and altogether absorbing.)

It's Hallowe'en, a holiday that I traditionally spend either drunk, tripping, or sick. This year it seems I shall be none of those things. We'd thought about going to the Castro tonight, but Heather's still not feeling her best, so I suspect we'll be staying home, eating candy, etc. I'm trying to convince Heather that we need to watch horror movies. We'll see... She's dressed as a cat today (as Zanzibar, actually), with her good leather cat-mask. I'm dressed as The Killbot 6000, a mild-mannered killer android that is completely indistinguishable from a young writer/editor named Tim Pratt. So far everyone seems fooled.

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