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...and I turned out TV.
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Last night Heather lived in fear of the Fiji mermaid. While sitting on the couch addressing Flytraps we found the X-Files episode "Humbug" playing somewhere out in TV land. She'd never seen it, and found it disturbing. It's probably my second favorite episode of that show (surpassed only by "Clyde Bruckman's Last Repose"). My four favorites are all written by the same guy, the estimable Darin Morgan (who also played Flukeman and Eddie van Blundht on the X-Files). "Humbug" is the one set in Gibsontown, Florida, where lots of circus people live during the off- season, and has supporting roles by Jim Rose and the Enigma. It's great stuff, weird and funny and surprisingly affecting by the end. What ever happened to Darin Morgan? His brother is still out there, making Final Destination movies and the like, but Darin hasn't done anything since Millennium went off the air, as far as I know. It's a shame. The guy's a hell of a writer. They should get him to write an episode or two of Angel. That would rock old-school. Ah, well. A fan can dream.


Tonight we watched Angel, as we are wont to do. It was a bit slow overall, but had some nice moments, especially the little throwaway bits -- like the Devil's Robot! The Devil built a robot! El Robotica Diabolica! And a group of Mexican wrestlers defeated it! That's so pulp-fictional, I even envision the words written on yellowing newsprint. It's beautiful.

Mostly, though, the episode made me want to go re-read Howard Waldrop's Mexican-wrestling story, "El Castillo de la Perseverancia." After I post this I'm going to go look for it -- I've got it in a Year's Best anthology somewhere. That's the best Mexican-wrestling story I've ever encountered. Though El Santo's appearance on Jesus Christ, Vampire Killer was a nice addition to the sub-genre.


I'm trying to get the hang of the short-burst-entry thing that Journalscape seems so well-suited for. Bear with me. I'll figure it out.

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