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I'm knackered. We finished the issue at work today, but it was a near thing -- one of the field's major editors, Laura Anne Gilman, resigned to become a full-time writer. Good for her! But we found out about it at 3 in the afternoon today, so there was much scrambling to re-arrange things and make room for a story about that, and as a result I was at work until after six tonight. Hard work, really cranking on the computer. I worked late last night, too. But the production-part of the December issue is now done. Whoo. I'm glad it's the weekend. I haven't done anything productive all night. Heather and I hung out, watched TV, and played video games. (She worked diligently on Flytrap editing, also, however.)

I don't have anything intelligent to say -- mentally, I'm just barely capable of watching cartoons right now -- so here's a couple of things I've been meaning to post:

It's time once more for the Strange Horizons fund drive. Go support one of the best magazines in the field (and I don't bother with the qualifier "online," either; it's one of the best, period, full stop). Give them money, so that, in time, they may give that money to me, and other writers and artists. Now with membership cards, because people seem to like those, and ask for them, and so on.

Mary Anne has posted covers and the table-of-contents for the Best of Strange Horizons: Year One, here. It includes my poem "God of the Crossroads" and lots of other fine things, and should be a lovely, crammed-full-of-magic book.

Hmm. I thought I'd accumulated more links than that, but apparently not. I'll post more this weekend, when I feel sufficiently recovered.

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