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My boss taught me how to cook a turkey last week, and this weekend I put it into practice (now that Heather's eating turkey, it seemed worthwhile). It turned out quite well, juicy and tasty and yummy. We had turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy last night (my boss kindly gave me his last batch of gravy-base, too), and sandwiches today, and there's plenty left for sandwiches tomorrow, too.

We had a little movie double-feature last night, because after eating vast quantities of turkey it seemed like a good idea to just sit on the couch in a protein-euphoric, tryptophan-induced sleepy-state. We watched Out of Order, that Showtime movie with Eric Stoltz, and while it had some nice moments, it was ultimately too much of a poor-little-rich-boy story. Just because a character is self-aware enough to say "I know it's hard to feel sorry for a guy who drives a Mercedes" doesn't necessarily make it any easier to feel sorry for him and his ridiculously upper-class problems. There were some attractive naked people in it, though.

We also watched 28 Days Later, which was a decent enough zombie movie.

Today we slept in (way in -- but I was up until 4:30 a.m. last night reading and web-surfing, so it's understandable). We took a walk down to Grand & Lake and returned our videos, bought some coffee, deposited some money, and basically enjoyed strolling in the gorgeous, warm weather. It would've been more enjoyable if I weren't coming down with a cold. I got seriously winded on the walk, when it normally doesn't even make me sweat. I'm stuffed-up, sneezy, etc. Sucks.

Now Heather and I are both sitting in the office. She's triphammering away at the keyboard, working on a story. I wrote about 900 words on the three-way collab I'm doing with Mike & Greg. I think I added some good stuff to the story, though on a line-by-line level my writing is pretty clunky today, unfortunately.

I got my Hugo PIN yesterday, so I made my nominations, which was fun. I also filled out the Locus Poll (if you fill it out, be sure to include a name and e-mail address; we're trying to weed out ballot-stuffers, so we don't count anonymous ballots). I also voted in the Strange Horizons reader's poll. The winners get a little money. I think I bought sushi with my prize money when I won last year. So go vote, and help some writers get some sushi or something.

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