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Shouldered Aside
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I've somehow gone and wrecked my shoulder over the course of the past few weeks -- I overstrained it carrying big heavy boxes at work, and since I haven't rested it properly, it hasn't gotten better. It doesn't help that the March issue goes to press next Tuesday, so I've been cranking away at the computer all day most days this week, with lots of shoulder-unfriendly mouse-clicking. It further doesn't help that I realized American McGee's Alice would probably run properly on my new fast computer (it tended to freeze and jerk on my old computer, which made it basically unplayable after a point, because there's a fair bit of precision jumping required). So I've been playing that a lot this week, which is just dumb of me. The problem is that my shoulder doesn't actually hurt when I'm at the keyboard, for the most part, so I don't think about the damage -- until, say, I reach up to turn on a light switch, or scratch my back, at which point pain shoots through the shoulder. So on Saturday and Sunday, I'm not going near my computer (except to check e-mail, probably, but I'm not answering any e-mail unless it's a life-and-death, or at least maiming, or a somehow-getting-me-money situation. So if you've written to me, I'll answer you next week). I'm going to give my poor shoulder a break, and stretch it, and put ice on it, and massage it, and all that.

Everybody have a nice weekend. I'm going to stick to writing by hand for a couple of days.

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